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Buzzy® developed by MMJ Labs, which is established in 2006 by pediatric emergency physician and pain researcher Amy Baxter. Inspired by the need to control needle pain, Dr. Baxter set out to develop reusable, physiologic products for home and hospital. Initial R&D funded by the NIH launched the flagship product Buzzy®, a palm sized device combining cold and vibration. When placed "between the brain and the pain", the competing stimuli can eliminate or inhibit pain.


Since the official product launch in 2009, Buzzy® has been adopted by over 5,000 hospitals and more than 50,000 consumers. With multiple patents and FDA 510 clearances for controlling pain from IVs, blood draws and cosmetic injections to relieving muscle injury and myofascial trigger point pain, the company has broadened the product line to include VibraCool Sport Therapy and DistrACTION®products.

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As of 2012, 63% of kids said they have a fear of needles. For many, this fear starts between the ages of 4-6 years old with a specific needle event.


Needle phobia is an extreme fear of medical procedures involving injections or needles. For most people who acquire this fear, it develops around age 4 or 5 with a bad immunization experience. About 3-5% of women and 1-2% of men have a genetic predisposition to getting light-headed or fainting, “vasovagal syncope”.


Protecting anyone from life-long needle phobia must start from their first memorable experiences with needles early on in childhood. Even in case of those who are genetically predisposed to developing needle phobia, factors other than the nature play an important role in the development of this condition. If parents and professionals intervene early on in children’s lives, it can help protect them from developing this health-threatening condition. The more injections we add, the more traumatic the memory and association with going to the doctors. IF we add more vaccines, we MUST add protective ways of decreasing the negative reaction to healthcare.


To relieve pain when injections in children, medical professional now often use anesthetic cream for the children, and have to wait at least 30 minutes, until it is effective for the injections. To save time, Buzzy® can be used and effective at once, and it has been proven that children's pain can be decreased by about 50% by using Buzzy® compared to those who didn't use. 

Actually, Hong Kong kids are facing a number of Vaccination:


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 *Varicella vaccines are incorporated into the Programme for children born on or after 1 Jan 2013. MMR vaccines would continue to be provided to children in Primary 1 who were born before this date

(Source: Department of Health – The Government of Hong Kong Special Administration Region)


From newborn to 7-year-old, there are total of 27 immunization required. Each immunization inevitably causes fear and pain among children。

Vibration and ice create different sensations. The medical concept is called Gate Control – when you send more motion information and cold information through the brain’s “gate”, only the strongest sensations get through. This is like when a dentist jiggles a jaw, or when you bang your hand with a hammer and shake it, or rub a bumped elbow. You’re sending more motion information to the brain, and the pain gets stopped at the gate.


Gate Control Theory of Pain


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The pain sensation will be reduced or “muted” if the relative information conducted in A-fiber is greater than C-fiber; The pain sensation will be felt if the relative information conducted in C-fiber is greater than A-fiber


Vibration and Cooling sensations induced by Buzzy® will activate A-fiber primarily compared to C-fiber. A-fiber will activate inhibitory Interneuron (I) that blocks the signal (pain) transmitted from the projection neuron (P) to the brain. Hence, during the injection, little or no pain is sensed.

How To Use?


Buzzy® works best when placed between the pain and the brain. This means proximal (head) part of the Buzzy® is pointing toward the central nervous system (Brain or Spine) with the larger round end (Buzzy’s bottom) as close as possible to where the needle stick will be.


Using Buzzy® is simple, but a quick explanation can be helpful since the technology is new. Buzzy® was developed with nurse and doctor input to ensure that the medical procedure would not be compromised:

  • Before use, make sure your ice pack wings are frozen solid.
  • Use the hands-free strap for the Buzzy® .
  • Before you start, let the child see and experience Buzzy®.  Kids trust Buzzy® more when they've already experienced how it numbs the skin, so let them hold Buzzy®briefly, turn it on and off and feel the vibration and cold.
  • For an injection, hold Buzzy® directly on the site for 30-60 seconds, then move Buzzy® proximal to site keeping Buzzy’s switch/head toward the brain or spine during injection. 
  • When finished, clean Buzzy® and the wings with your facility’s disinfecting wipes. Store folded wings in freezer.


Buzzy® stops sharp pain, but light touch sensations are transmitted on different nerves. If the child is scared and focuses intently on the shot, they will be able to feel the touching sensation of the needle, and may translate this distress and fear as pain even though the sharp pain is controlled. Therefore, use various distraction methods with the child during the procedure. We recommend the use of DistrACTION®Card®.


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Listed Retail Price: HK$480up




Besides controlling pain, patient’s focus and fear can be reduced by using DistrACTION® cards. Distraction can reduce pain 50%, and causes 97% of kids to remember the procedure as “better than before”.  DistrACTION® cards use counting and finding as a sources of distraction, with questions and brightly colored cartoon pictures for kids and teens to search and count.


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Cold-To-Go Tote


When you need to bring along with Buzzy® and the ice wings, this Cold-To-Go Tote can help. This stylish insulated neoprene carrying case has four internal pockets, perfect for holding Buzzy®, a strap, distraction toys, and treats for after. Neoprene bag comes with two removable frozen inserts designed to keep our Ice Wings frozen for hours.


Buzzy® is not included. Cold inserts may be removed and held in patient's hand to provide extra distraction and descending pain inhibition during a procedure. When medicine is not on your mind, the Cold-to-Go Tote is roomy enough to keep your whole lunch cold.


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Besides Vaccination, Buzzy® is applicable in different occasions, such as:

Arthritis, Injecting blood thinning medications, Crohn's Disease, Diabetes & Psoriasis, etc.


Aches and pains are a fact of life. Treating pain with drugs is not always a good option. Opioids, NSAIDs, and even acetaminophen may cause adverse health reactions. Typical icing routines can be enhanced with vibration. Buzzy’s patented combination of ice and vibration is a comfortable way to help with the aches and pains all over the body. Buzzy® Helps when you put it where it hurts.


For aches and pains, simply place Buzzy® directly on the site for 10 - 20 minutes, twice a day, or according to your doctor’s recommended icing regimen. The anti-inflammatory effects of ice and high frequency vibration work together to relieve pain and keep muscles moving. For extremities, attach Buzzy® with the strap.


Home Injection

There are some diseases that require patient to conduct frequent, long-term home injection. These include:


  • Symptoms of Type I diabetes usually start in childhood or young adulthood, accounts for 3 out of 100 diabetes patients in Hong Kong. Type i diabetes is caused by impaired immune system.
  • In Type I diabetes, the body's immune system destructs the beta-cells in pancreas that release insulin, a hormone that required for blood glucose regulation.
  • Abdominal injection of Insulin is required everyday for Type I and Type II diabetes patient in order to control the blood glucose level


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  • Thalassaemia is a common inherited genetic blood disorders in the world. It is prevalent in Mediterranean countries, the Middle East, and in Asia.
  • Every year, hundred thousands of babies are born with Thalassaemia. Currently in Hong Kong, there are approximately four hundreds people suffering Thalassaemia.
  • Regular blood transfusion is required for patient who is suffering Thalassaemia. After each new blood transfusion, red blood cells in the transferred blood will gradually decompose within the next four months. However, the remaining iron will not decompose and start accumulating in the patient body. Excess accumulation of iron in the body will alter and damage the functions of liver, heart and other vital organs. If this issue is not addressed properly and immediately, patient will suffer from death near their twentieth. Therefore, intramuscular injection of Desferal, five to seven days per week is required to remove the accumulated irons.


Juvenile Arthritis

  • Juvenile Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder which is caused by normal cells attacked by immune cells, eventually causes inflammation and pain. Children suffer from arthritis will experience pain and stiffness around their joint, bone, tendons or muscles for several weeks. Some patient will progressively have rashes around their non-eczematic skin area. Onset of this disease might be as early as new born or anytime during the childhood or adulthood period.
  • One of the treatments of arthritis is steroid injection in order to control the severity of inflammation.

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