Founded in 2007, Kinwood is a professional Hong Kong based medical device distributor that imports innovative, quality-driven surgical products from United States and Europe. We work closely with hospitals and private doctors, specializing in ENT, Spine, Orthopedics and OT.  Long before the establishment of Kinwood, we served the hospitals in Hong Kong through our related company, Cemma.  Cemma was founded in 1980, specializes in Anesthesia, ICU, Cardiology and Respiratory.  When our range of products expanded progressively over the years, Kinwood was set up to keep focus for the development of surgical devices and sleep apnea related products.


We believe in corporate social responsibility and strive, as we always do, to improve patients’ lives through bringing in new medical technology with exceptional quality and reliability to guarantee surgeon’s satisfaction, good clinical outcomes and patient safety.  We were awarded “Caring Company”, “Family-Friendly Employers” and “Happy Company” in 2016/ 2017.


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