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Neurovision™ Medical Products, Inc. is a company headquartered in Ventura, California, USA that incorporates electrophysiology, surgical practice and information technology to offer innovative, high precision and reliable surgical products. Founded by a board of certified neck surgeons and electrical engineer, Neurovision™ provides unique specialty surgical products to medical practitioner particularly in ENT and Neurosurgery fields.


Nerveana The Surgeon's Nerve Locator

Simple, Reliable Nerve Location

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The Nerveana is an integrated surgical tool that combines a nerve stimulator and electromyographic (EMG) sensors to perform intra-operative monitoring of indicated nerve (Recurrent Larygneal Nerve, Facial Nerve). The Nerveana will produce an audio alarm once an evoked EMG is detected,  allowing surgeon to maintain attention during the operation.




Built-in stimulation forceps

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Proactive Nerve Location can now be achieved by using the unique monopolar stimulation forceps, which allow concurrent, accurate dissection and stimulation of the soft tissue.






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Dragonfly® Stick-On Electrode are standardized, quality-assured electrode-integrated consumables for reliable, convenient and safe X-th /RLN nerve monitoring.  Sticker-like Ag film designed for easy application on any standard ET Tube.Compatible with all nerve monitors.





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Cobra® Electrode is an electrode-integrated standardized ET Tube for RLN monitoring. Large electrode area simplifies placement of the electrodes on the vocal cords. Compatible with all nerve monitors.